Dodds Design Products:
  • Embeddable charger module for Lithium Ion battery packs  
  • Universal module for 1S to 4S battery packs  
  • Safety battery temperature monitoring
  • Powerpath management for automatic switchover from battery to DC input  
  •  Can be installed in a system using flying leads, or soldered directly to another PCB  
  • Customised versions available  
  • DC input overvoltage protection suitable for use as automotive ‘load-dump’ protection
  • Embeddable power path manager
  • Three DC inputs that automatically switch to maintain host power
  • Configurable prioritised switching between power sources
  • No cross-conduction or back-feeding
  • On-board LED status indication
  • Remote control and system status monitoring via RS232
  • Applications include battery backup systems and high availability systems
For detailed documentation, pricing information or product customisation for your specific requirements, please contact to discuss further: