Electronic product design was a hobby in my teenage years designing and making audio equipment and continues to fascinate me to this day.  I’m always striving to keep abreast of new technologies and with a particular interest in low power and audio design.  I have applied my knowledge and skills to various applications during my career (more than twenty years and counting) from nuclear power to battery packs, from oil rig evacuation equipment to PDAs and from consumer to medical markets.

 Technical Experience and Skills Include:  
o Analogue design, pSpice simulation and switch mode power supply design 
o Smart Rechargable Battery Pack and battery Charger Design 
o Labview programming 
o Digital design, including FPGA, CPLD, 8bit, 16bit and 32bit microprocessor architecture (PIC, MSP430, AVR) 
o Signal integrity – pre and post simulation , constraints generation and topology definition 
o FPGA and CPLD design using VHDL 
o Audio circuit design for automotive, industrial and mobile devices including GSM, PDAs and vehicle telematics 
o Low power, low voltage and low cost design for battery powered devices 
o Labview programming for test development, data acquisition and analysis 
o C programming for embedded processors (e.g. Microchip PIC, TI MSP430, Atmel AVR) 
o Knowledge and experience of mechanical design issues 
o Experienced in CE marking, EMC testing and UL design requirements
o Industrial and mechanical design liaison and subcontractor management 
o Manufacturing/production new product introduction covering both the electronics and mechanical aspects of the project 
o Project management and budget control for multi-disciplined projects 
o Quality procedures 

When I'm not working you'll find me outdoors walking the hills in the Lake District, Peak District and Wales, climbing or mountain biking.